Friday, June 27, 2008

like woah.

i know it's been a million years. and i have no good excuses. or too many good excuses to narrow it down. i'll get back to you. maybe. probably not.

le sigh.

i'll spare you all the lengthy and gritty details and just give you a photo montage update. without further ado:

made mushroom miso dill gravy. ate it all. with toast.

drove down the coast to swanton berry farm (organic and union!) to pick strawberries. made honey sweetened, agar thickened jam. still need to send jam to mom and dad.

made a little cat bed out of a thrift store suitcase which i painted the inside, and popped in a thrift store pillow. i think the whole thing cost $3.69. Usually the cats are resistant to anything that's intended for them, but this was a success. I ended up making a second one out of a wicker picnic basket because pickle is bad at sharing (we're working on it).

made purple potates. nothing special but they sure are pretty.

garden update #1. brussel sprouts, trichogamma wasps, zucchini and artichoke.

flew out to brooklyn to visit an old friend. ate lots of cheese. slept on the roof.

visited another friend who is working at bobolink dairy farm in north jersey. got very dirty. pigs, schleping boots, pistachios and beer on the porch.

more from the farm. some burned up bread from a sourdough starter that my friend made, the picnic table and the milking barn, cheese in the making.

drove down to havre de grace, md to see my good friend jason kalogiros's totally amazing show at harford community college.

headed down to the jersey shore to spend some time with the cutest little muffin baby in the entire world (who just happens to be my niece, but that's purely coincidental) and the most wonderful sleepy head dog. oh right, and the fam was there too (just kidding guys, you know i love you).

had an extra long flight, so some time to regroup and re-evauate. came home to my cat cuddle puddle.

garden update #2. more brussel sprouts, new tomatoes, plums.

started horticulture class at city college. they have an amazing garden that we work in and harvest from, so there are a lot of bonus treats that we get to take home from class. yum.

drove down the coast again to the other swanton berry farm location for olallieberries. put more in my belly then in the box. will probably go back soon because the season is short and the berries are so so so good.

think that's it for now. I'm finished traveling and back on track and will be posting with more regularity, i swear it.