Sunday, September 14, 2008

the choke cometh

we planted two artichoke plants this summer, but only one made it to flowering (they're slow poke perennials that die back and then gather speed in the second and third year). It did get two flowers, one of which we tried to eat even thought the ants had been aphid farming on it the whole time it was growing. It was totally inedible, so we let the second go all the way to flower, and it's just been opening up this week. bizarre and magnificent!

hi again.

alright. i know the last time i said i'd be here with more regularity, i up and disappeared entirely, but i'm back now. no promises this time for how much or how long, but here i am. thanks in big heaping handfuls to my inspiring friend, chantal, who recently dug up and brushed off her own blog, writerly ways, and my lovely greggie b., who's been holding it down and keeping it real at mr. bartlett this whole time. who knows where i'd be without such brilliant and creative folks swiftly kicking me in the butt at every turn. thanks guys. love love love.