Wednesday, November 12, 2008

forlorn ghosts

i was cruising around with a new-ish friend the other day and flipped a u-turn mid-street and mid-sentence and explained that i needed to pick up chairs off the side of the road. that it was just a thing i needed to do and that these particular chairs looked like philipe starck 'louis ghost' knock-offs and that i loved designer knock-offs in this way that's definitely wrong for someone who is so dedicated to the handmade object to love designer knock-offs, but i just do. so i grabbed the filthy road side chairs, tossed them in the back of the wagon, and he didn't bat an eyelash, bless his little heart, and off we went.

later i got home, dragged said dirty chairs in the house and started to wipe the pond scum off of them, and much to my surprise, there was the 'kartell' stamp. they are the real deal!

my garbage picking luck even amazes me sometimes!

change is in the air

it's true. thick and swampy change, just dangling there off tail ends of the oxygen molecules (although in san francisco, it might very well be tangled up somewhere between the hydrogen and oxygen).

it feels good. nervous and a little frantic, but GOOD.

anyone who spends any time with me at all knows how enthusiastic i am about the coming of the rain. it's time for new growth, winter crops, big steps, hunkering down, brainstorming, making, appreciating what you have, shedding and amending. embracing change. i love this time of year when the rains come. love love love it.

i've already started my new years resolutions, and i am feeling dedicated. i've also started a list of things accomplish by new years and these lists are equally lofty my friends, but i am feeling perseverant and motivated, and well, willing to accept a 50% success rate on both, which i suppose means i'm feeling realistic in my idealism.

ah. well, not to get you all pumped up and then split, but it's my day off and i'm on my second cup of british breakfast, so i've got to be on the move. maybe more later, maybe not. no unsure promises... maybe i should add that to my resolution list?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

antics of my soothsaying clock radio

i have this warped idea that the song that i wake up to when my clock radio goes off in the morning has something to say about my life or my day. it's really too much power to give to a clock radio, i admit, but it has been eerily accurate on more than one occasion, so i give it a little credit when it's due.

this morning i woke up to "i still haven't found what I'm looking for" a la U2. i hit the snooze. i woke again to fleetwood mac's 'landslide', and if that wasn't bad enough in general it was the "i'm getting older too" line that fuzzed in as the radio clicked on. It could have only been better if "can i handle the seasons of my life?" was creeping through the static.

geez louise.