Wednesday, November 12, 2008

forlorn ghosts

i was cruising around with a new-ish friend the other day and flipped a u-turn mid-street and mid-sentence and explained that i needed to pick up chairs off the side of the road. that it was just a thing i needed to do and that these particular chairs looked like philipe starck 'louis ghost' knock-offs and that i loved designer knock-offs in this way that's definitely wrong for someone who is so dedicated to the handmade object to love designer knock-offs, but i just do. so i grabbed the filthy road side chairs, tossed them in the back of the wagon, and he didn't bat an eyelash, bless his little heart, and off we went.

later i got home, dragged said dirty chairs in the house and started to wipe the pond scum off of them, and much to my surprise, there was the 'kartell' stamp. they are the real deal!

my garbage picking luck even amazes me sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Don't really know you personally, but you have a very nice sensibility. I like your photos, work, and how you express what you see. Do you have a show coming up?

lauren said...

hey there mysterious friend,
thanks for the sweet comments, and for taking the time to read my rambling mumbo jumbo. hmmm... i'm not much doing shows as in showing my own work these days. i do help to put on art shows of other folks work though. are you in the bay area? and maybe even you have a name?
either way, thanks bunches, it's nice to know someone's out there hanging on. keep in touch.
xo, lauren