Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i could get used to this

hello from vacation, friends.

i am currently writing you from my wonderful and brilliant friend kinsley's couch in a delightful little house across the street from the beach in South Carolina. It was 74 degrees here today while i slept in til noon, and while i ate breakfast on the porch, and while i threw the ball into the ocean for the dog and collected shells, and while we decorated the xmas tree. It had probably cooled down to about 65 when kinsley took me on a tour of the island, the crabbin' spot, pink and george's farm stand, the piggly wiggly, and might have even gotten down to 60 while we made gingerbread and mashed potatoes with gravy AND sour cream. yes, vacation, i have missed you.

i'm about to head off to bed now, so i can sleep until i naturally wake up (sans my hateful, psychic clock radio), or until kinsley heads off to work and buddy the dog hops into my bed, gives me three thousand kisses and then rolls over on his back and falls asleep with his legs straight up in the air.