Monday, November 5, 2007

monday space out

ahhh, monday.

here we are again, monday. just you and me. mano y mano.

ahhh, yeah. i don't actually dislike mondays. sure i sit around sunday night bellyaching about having to go back to work the next morning, but i tend to think of the work week as more cyclic then stop and go, so that's not really what gets me. it's more the demarcation of time lately that's giving me the old one-two punch. like there is not even close to enough time for anything and i find myself amazed by anyone who's actually getting things done. finishing stuff has become the holy grail of making for me, and let me tell you folks, i am seldom acheiving it. my to-do lists and my idea books just get longer and more full, but there never seems to be more to show for any of it. i wonder where i found the time before and where, oh where, has it gone?

alas. well, i guess a nice counterpoint to this dreary diatribe would be a little photo montage of something i actually did finish. here's a little ditty about a soft sculpture fence that lives at Southern Exposure:

the humble beginnings.

piecing it together.

hanging it up.

that'd be me on the rickety ladder fastening it together (the backstage ain't always pretty, you know)

almost finished.

a close up.

the whole shebang.

so there you have it. i guess i do things every once in a while. now if i could only get that etsy shop up and running darnit!