Wednesday, January 30, 2008

mid-week inspiration

i've been thinking a lot about information sharing lately, and in an attempt to do a little less of the "me me me" and "this is where i went shopping this weekend" diatribes i think i'm going to start a weekly inspiration jaunt, a blurb about a maker each wednesday. i'm sure i could use more structure and although i just bound up a new planner last night (i know, i know, a little late to the 2008 game, but i haven't finished my inspirational mix for the new year either so i guess "late" really equates "on time" for me this year) it seems as though i could stand to consistently think about all the amazing people doing amazing things out there. Maybe the vaccuum of my garage studio is more like a black hole of all the unassuming spaces out there that are harboring, if not bursting at the seams with ideas and supplies and fervent hands and complete and utter magic.

i know nothing about copyright so if anyone knows if i'm going to get sued for posting pics off of other people's websites, drop me a line, that would be helpful.


chantal said...

late is july. you are right on time!