Thursday, April 17, 2008

[heart] garden [heart]

I feel like every time I drop by here, it starts with something to the tune of how busy and exhausted I am. While that may be all too true, and while I may not be finding much time for kicking back or engaging in social activity, perhaps with a chilled adult beverage in my hand, I have been making some time for my lovely, albeit humble, garden.

Oh, garden. What would I do without you? How would I spend that awkward 45 minutes every morning before work because I wake up too early? What would I get excited about if it wasn't the recent availability of brussel sprout seedlings, or tomato babies, or soaker hoses, or the sci-fi and amazing tricks I learned at fruit tree pruning class?

Without further ado, and my ramblings muddling up the purity of my garden love sentiment, here are some photos of green stuff from my little urban-sylvan nook.

(since we're (begrudgingly) renters we didn't want to go through the trouble of installing a drip system, but we still wanted all the benefits of ease and water conservation. we're doing our best with a system of soaker hoses and little channels to direct the water. i'll surely report back about how it goes. oh, and that's pickle, my baby boy.)

(i know it's late for peas but that's the beauty of living in the bay area. don't be jealous, ok?)

(i learned this trick at an organic fruit tree pruning class at Garden for the Environment. if you cut a small half moon shaped notch over top of a bud you want to sprout, but isn't sprouting, it will force all the nutrients into the bud and get it to produce a shoot. my technical terms are willy-nilly but look, it works!)

(this fern is an east coast transplant just like me. it came from my mom's garden. how amazing! granted there were four and only one survived, but i still think it's pretty incredible.)

(babies! marigolds, tomatoes, zuchinis, borage, basil, mint! yum!)