Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Southern Exposure Annual Art Auction!

This Saturday is the super fabulous SOEX auction, which I hear is thing to behold. I have a piece being auctioned off and am in good company of 170ish artists, several of which I actually know and might even be friends with. It's, by my soon-to-be-unemployed terms, a high rollers event, but if you've got $30 laying around and are good at planning ahead, you can get an advance ticket here, or $40 will get you in at the door. I hear there's lots of free food, booze and schmoozing, and if I partake enough in the first two, I just might make it to the third. Oh, and the art looks good too. You can get a sneak peek here. And you can get a not so sneak peek of my floppy folding chair being auctioned below.

(soft sculpture forever!)