Sunday, January 30, 2011

homemade soup

one of the things on my epic resolution list that i want to focus on is more actively cultivating my personal relationships, making the time to prioritize friends, staying better in touch with the folks i love that don't live around here, and considering and caring for the folks i love that are around here.

my friend chantal has been working really hard lately, like really hard, and I know that whenever I work that hard, it's only a matter of time before my body lets me know that it's time for a break.  in the language of getting sick.  usually the bedridden, exhausted, take-care-of-me sort of sick.  apparently chantal's body responds in a similar way because she's been super sick for a couple days, and i would normally cook for her, but i've been dogsitting gino across town.  so today i took the time to make some simple veggie soup, packed it up with some good herb bread and homemade kimchi (another cure-all!) and headed over to chantal's.

it was a simple, small gesture, but those are the things i want to keep on my mind.  nothing big or fancy or extravagant, just the things that say, hey, i'm thinking of you.