Monday, November 19, 2007

the cool down, the warm up

i have cold feet today, literally and figuratively. i haven't managed to give up the faux espadrille summery flats i've been wearing for months now, even though it is consistently chillier and drearier as the weeks go (flying) by. somedays i put big slouchy leg warmers over top of them and that tends to do the trick, but you know when you're considering tube socks, it's probably time to retire them til next summer. we're also looking for a new roommate, and after having met 10 strangers for about half hour each this past weekend, i'm feeling indecisive and exhausted. it's so difficult to patch together the overlap between a person's spiel with your needs. and then when you factor in their zodiac sign, i mean, geez.

but enough about that. let's talk about things. projects. cordless drills. sewing needles. let's not talk about my (still non-existant) etsy shop that everyone's bored to tears by, but let's talk about things that are actually happening in three dimensional, real life space and time. big things, important things, and stuff too. things AND stuff.

yes. so i'm building these walls at femina potens gallery. mysterious floating (although painfully heavy) walls. hmmm. yes. i'm also going to sew some curtains for their acres of windows. they will be off white muslin and curtain-y. well then, i guess not too much to report about all that for now.

i've also started a new project in spite of the four thousand open ended projects i can't seem to find the time for these days. it's a stealing project. a succulent stealing project. i mostly work on it on my lunch breaks, when i walk around potrero hill and take cuttings off of succulents and put them in a paper bag. then i sort them out at home and have plans to start rooting them in jars or paper cups. something about regeneration and resource, about perpetuating life in your environment, something about sharing, something about taking. we'll see how it develops.

and we had another art opening last friday, which went off without a hitch and drew quite a crowd for it only being our second show in our humble little spare room. i'm so glad to be working on this project. even in the tiny bit of time we've been working on it, i already feel more in touch and more inspired. and meeting people who are making amazing work and having such brilliant beautiful ideas, that they're willing to share in my home, well, what could be better?