Monday, November 26, 2007

monday morning recap

another jampacked weekend of making and eating, my two favorite things to fill my days with. thanksgiving was perfect, sorta slow, sorta quiet. the last few years we've been doing big potluck dinners, but this year i had rice and beans with esti and her mom and i couldn't have been happier to just relax and eat. i made a few simple things to share, oven roasted potatoes, maple brussel sprouts with tempeh bacon, and a cream cheese pumpkin pie (which i just finished the last slice of my half yesterday. yes, i ate half a pie by myself in 3 days, you wanna make something of it?) i also received a lovely box of quinces, persimmons and pomegranates from my friend jason and his sweetheart maggie, which came from maggie's family's farm up north. i'm still looking for a good recipe for the quinces, but you know i already dove right in to the pomegranates.

i've been holed up in the house the last few days, making books and stationary packs, sewing away at curtains and flannel maxi pads and some other random goodies. i'm trying to set the end of the month as my deadline to get some little stuff up on my etsy shop, so we'll see how that goes because it is a busy week with the new roommate and we have another little art thingee friday night also. whew.

i also whipped up a ramshackled set of benches and table for our garden out of an old window, a shipping crate, some cabinet doors, some scrap plywood, some chair frames, and some 2 x 4s (that's no joke, sometimes i like to think of myself as the macgyver or junky old furniture). they're not quite finished, i'm going to make some cushions and maybe add a cute fabric so you can't see the bags of potting soil and compost inside.

aaannnnd... i finished the walls at femina potens! nothing too exciting, but there you have it, wally wall walls. i haven't said enough to sing the praises of what an amazing organization femina potens is, i mean how many feminist art spaces exist nowadays, let alone one that evens out the playing field by only exhibiting the work/films/writing of women and transfolk. pretty revolutionary if you ask me. they have an opening for beth stephens and annie sprinkle's love art lab this saturday, and if you are in the area, you should not miss it. they are in the 3rd year of a 7 year project exploring love as art, and are some of the more radiant people i've had the pleasure and good fortune of getting to meet. and there will be a seance to summon the spirit of marcel duchamp. seriously, you won't be disappointed.