Monday, November 26, 2007

building resources

i forgot to mention earlier, but one of the true delights of the weekend was treating myself to a totally unnecessary trip to building resources, a scrap/re-use yard in bayview that always has something that i don't need, but have to have. this time it was more wood cabinet knobs (of which i have quite a collection going and no plan in sight of what to use them for). i tried for the double whammy of treating myself to SCRAP also, but my splurging plan was foiled when they were not open for an reason which was undisclosed on their cardboard "we're closed today" sign. what i love most about these places, other then my wholly consuming addiction to junk, cast-offs and re-use, is that they're in these industrial parts of town that i otherwise never really go to, and there is something about these locations that feels like the end of the earth, solitary and expansive, like nothing and everything could happen there. i mean SCRAP is usually surrounded by garbage and building resources is built on some of the more toxic land in san francisco, but i guess when you are a person that tries to make useful and beautiful things out of waste and junk, then you try to see desolation as possibility. which makes me hopeful because it must be something of how these amazing places came to be.