Monday, January 21, 2008

new week. rainy day off. cold fingers. sleepy cats.

trying to warm up and head down to my studio in the garage to look at stuff and maybe take apart a few chairs that have been lurking. days like this it's tough not to wrap up in a blanket burrito, listen to the rain, and nap the day away. mmmmm.....

la la la. nappity nap nap. so i've been thinking about getting a new mattress, since clearly i spend so much time lounging around with my lazy, good-for-nothing cats, and my current cheap-o free craigslist mattress is slowly becoming a taco. esti and i went this weekend to try out some mattresses as she's looking to upgrade as well.

we only made two stops, sears and ikea, but that was enough to convince me that my small budget and bad back would be better served by a second hand mattress like the posturpedic-y ones at sears then the ones for a few hundred bucks at ikea. say what you will about a second hand mattress, but i've been sleeping on one for years and it's never grossed me out in the least. plus, mattresses take up tons of space in landfills. like, tons. fortunately, san francisco has programs like bed busters, where they pick up your mattress and recycle it for a relatively small fee, but most places are not so green, so why not recycle it by giving it to someone else. in the end i decided to buy a mattress off of craigslist and give my old mattress to esti, so there you go. win win.