Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wednesday gratitude

oh, wednesday. i'm glad you're here, because i am tired this week. this whole "back to the grind" thing is taxing you know. oh, wednesday, i bet you're good friends with "long lunch" and "three day weekend". i bet you know how to kick back and have a good time.

yes yes yes. so here i am at work, daydreaming about taking naps, about working from home, daydreaming about daydreaming. i might be, just maybe, becoming a broken record. what do you do when you're stuck in a reasonable job, a job where you sit alone in a room for most of the day and space out, where you can work on your blog, on your hand sewing, on your crochet technique, where you can catch up on your reading, where the actual work at said job doesn't occupy nearly the whole work day, but you still feel stuck, like legs in the mud up to your knees, stuck at this reasonable job.

le sigh. i've been reading Craft, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco, probably like most of the other people reading this book, probably holed up, probably tied to their desks, probably dreaming of something more fulfilling and trying not to doubt themselves. why is it hard to have faith, to take a leap, to put yourself out there? i read so many other blogs of crafty people that are just doing stuff, that are flying by the seat of their pants, and seem... fearless. this fear is so totally boring, i have no idea how i've let it get the best of me.

blah. i'll be less sourpuss and snoozeworthy next time i write, i promise. we'll talk you about how i went to the giant camera to see the sunset on the first sunny day after all that rain. we'll dote on amazing people's amazing artwork. we'll swap recipes and ideas, and we'll see how loud we can whistle and how far we can spit.

it'll be great. i'll bust through this slump in no time. no time at all. thanks wednesday for cheering me on. i knew i could count on you.