Monday, May 12, 2008


i meant to do all my catch up today about art shows that have, at this point, long passed and fun things that have happened. Maybe I'd throw in a picture of lemons or old furniture or something lovely and uplifting. Yes, I had such good and positive intentions.

Alas. The happy posts will come, I know they will, but not yet, not today. Today I went to move my truck, my ugly, beat-up disaster of a truck (which I love despite it's flaws and overly apparent bad karma) and when I started it up it roared like thunder rolling down from the mountains. I drove it the two blocks back to my house, looked under, and realized someone had sawed through the pipe to steal my catalytic converter. wonderful. I'm not sure how I manage to always be driving the hottest cars to steal parts off of (someone broke my honda radiator trying to steal it on my birthday in boston a few years back), but apparently this is a common occurrence around here. At least I found a place to take it to that will also do my brake and lamp adjustments for my salvage title (don't even ask), and I'm giving myself at least until noon to not deal with it.

On a lighter note, Bisbee's back. I didn't write about it, or write anything last week because I was devastated when Bisbee was missing for five days and I was convinced that the coyote from bernal hill had eaten him. But no, he was apparently just on a vision quest and is now back and snuggled up getting his eighteen hours a day of beauty rest.

I'm also in the middle of rearranging my room and studio, which makes me want to get rid of everything I own and live in a one person backpacking tent in the desert. I'm not actually sure if I've made anything in the last few years but I sure have gotten a lot of stuff out and then eventually put it away. Yep.

I won't be back today but I'll be more positive tomorrow. Maybe even later today I'll be more positive, but I still won't be back. I'll be drinking my weight in yerba mate to try to keep from pulling the covers over my head, or staring at the wall in my studio, or walking back from the mechanic. You should have a lovely day though, and if you've got a sec, leave me a comment about something really good that's happened to you recently. I would love that.